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As sequestration reductions have been imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), AgeRight Advantage has implemented the same reductions to network and non-network provider payments. All non-network and network healthcare providers who are reimbursed using a fee schedule based on the Medicare payment system, percentage of Medicare Advantage premium or Medicare allowed amount (e.g., resource-based relative value scale [RBRVS], diagnosis-related group [DRG], etc.) will have the same sequestration reduction applied in the same manner as CMS.


The Provider Portal allows Providers to view authorizations and submit claim requests directly into the claims processing system. It allows you to inquire on the status of an authorization or a claim as well as verify member eligibility.  For those set up with EFT payments, remittance advices are available for view and/or download.  In addition, you can look up procedure codes or diagnosis codes and other general reference information.  Additional functionality can be reviewed in the Provider Portal User Guide below.

You can access this Training presentation as a quick guide for you to start using the Provider Portal.

For any other questions or support on the Provider Portal, send an email to eznetsupport@allyalign.com

Be sure to include the following in your email:

  Your Full Name

  Provider(s) or Vendor(s)/Group(s) you are affiliated with

  EZ-NET Provider Portal Username, if you have one

  Phone Number you can be reached

  A full description of your question or issue

  If applicable, a screen print that displays the message you are getting from the EZ-NET Provider Portal


Electronic Claim Submission

Claims and remittance advices can be submitted and retrieved electronically through your existing clearinghouse or billing company. You do not need to enroll for electronic claims submission, however, to receive an 835, one of the following must occur: 1) Submit a claim electronically. If the NPI is not already flagged for 835, the payer customer support will be notified by EDI that the provider wants to receive 835. This process will take 24 hours for the 835 indicator to be flagged, and 2) The clearinghouse or billing company can notify the EDI technical support desk via email that the provider wants to receive 835s. The technical support desk will notify the payer customer support in advance of receiving the claims. The technical support desk email is helpdesk@claimsnet.com.  

  • If you are using a clearinghouse or billing company, notify them that you wish to submit claims electronically and retrieve remittance advice for the Plan. You can provide the Plan Payer ID but be aware that each clearinghouse or billing company may have their own unique naming convention for payer IDs. If the clearinghouse or billing company has any questions, they can call our technical help desk directly at  888-635-0009 , option 2.
  • If you do not use a clearinghouse or billing company, you can use the EZ-NET Provider Portal for online submission.
  • For ease of processing payment, electronic claims are preferred; however, if you are unable to send us a claim electronically. please mail it to:

AgeRight Advantage
PO Box 908
Addison, TX 75001-0908

       Note: This helpdesk does not provide EZ-NET support, instead, contact


Part D Prescription Drug Benefit

Navitus Health Solutions is the plan's pharmacy benefit manager responsible for administering Part D.  Formulary and Prior Authorization Forms can be accessed at https://prescribers.navitus.com/logon.aspx. For additional support or questions, contact the Navitus Pharmacy Solutions Helpdesk at: 866-270-3877, TTY 711.

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